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Apprentice Technician

Apprentice Technicians have a strong interests in all things tech. They’re likely to have a background in computers and/or audio/video systems. They are eager to learn from more experienced technicians and follow directions well. Left alone they can complete easy to moderate difficulty tasks. Ultimately their goal is to assist the Lead Technicians in reaching company and project goals while learning on-the-job to reach higher expertise levels.

Lead Technician

Lead Technicians are the keystone to Langston Creative Systems. They’re ultimately responsible for leaving clients with awesome working systems and their diverse skill sets and knowledge make them paramount to our long term success. A formal IT or other Computer Science degree is common, but not required. Most of honed their skills over years of related work experience.

System Designer

Our System Designers typically fall somewhere between Sales and Lead Technicians. They’re experts in multiple systems and have the ability to see the big picture when dealing with client wants and needs. Most of our projects will be designed and managed by one of these individuals.


Our sales staff are responsible for identifying, pursuing, and qualifying leads. We use a mixture of outside and inside sales methods. We do expect our sales staff to be up-to-date with ever-changing technologies and have an intimate knowledge of the solutions that we provide as a company. We’re typically looking for outside Sales due to the availability of in-house System Designers