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When we talk about Consumer Electronics, we’re talking about the IoT (Internet of Things) category. They’re usually inexpensive, feature rich, cloud-based devices that most would call DIY products. That doesn’t necessarily that mean you want to Do-it-yourself. And that’s where we come in.

Why would you pay someone to install a DIY product?


Installation for Ring Doorbells, Cameras, and other Security products.

Installation for Google Nest Doorbells, Thermostats, and Cameras.

Installation for Kwikset Smart Locks*

Installation of Simplisafe Security Systems, Doorbells, and Cameras.

Installation for Lorex Surveillance Cameras and Smart Home products.

Installation of August Smart Lock devices.

Installation for Arlo Security Cameras and Doorbells.

Installation for Doorbird Doorbells and Access Control.

Installation of Ecobee Thermostats and Security Cameras.


Let us know if there’s something not listed here that you need installed.



  • Verify Compatibility
  • Remove Existing Doorbell
  • Install Video Doorbell
  • Configure Settings
  • Train on Basic Usage


  • Verify Location
  • Verify Power Solution
  • Install Wi-Fi Camera
  • Configure Settings
  • Train on Basic Usage


  • Verify Compatibility
  • Remove Existing Thermostat
  • Install Smart Thermostat
  • Configure Settings
  • Train on Basic Usage


  • Verify Locations
  • Install Wireless Sensors
  • Install Keypad/Hub
  • Configure Settings
  • Train on Basic Usage

* The prices listed above are minimum rates and directly correlate to estimated installation times at $89 an hour per technician. Overages not caused by FORTECH are billable in 30-minute increments after the first hour.




☐ Confirm Device Contents

☐ Charge any Batteries

☐ Download Relevant App

☐ Create Account or Confirm Credentials

☐ Confirm Wi-Fi Strength and Password

1. All installation prices listed or discussed are estimates based off of our hourly rate of $89 per hour per technician. Experience shows that these estimates are accurate more often than not. Additional time is billed at the same rate in 30-minute increments.

2. Unforeseen complications are billable at the above rate. These include environmental limitations, dead-on-arrival equipment, incomplete device contents, missing parts, inadequate wi-fi performance, or any other item listed in the pre-appointment checklist.

3. Workmanship is warrantied for one year from the date of installation. This includes the physical installation of devices, screws, anchors, adhesives, etc. except in the event of adjustment or interference by someone other than a FORTECH representative.

4. No warranty is expressed or implied regarding IoT/CE equipment functionality. FORTECH will refer the client to the correct manufacturer for initial troubleshooting. If an on-site visit is required after that, it will be billed at our standard rates unless agreed otherwise.


YOU probably wouldn’t. If you’re asking this question, you’re likely not in need of our services and that’s okay. Homeowners install their own equipment successfully every day and you can too.

If you’re just curious though, here’s a few reasons we’ve been hired in the past

  • Too busy – no time
  • Don’t have the right tools
  • Want it to be installed more cleanly
  • Large number of devices
  • Physically unable to DIY
  • Need advice on placement
  • Installation difficulty exceeds the manufacturer instructions

First, because they’re sold directly to consumers through big retailers they’re simply not profitable enough to justify their failure rate and the warranty work they come with. Second, the systems are not designed for professional maintenance. Very few have dealer priority support or even a phone number for us to service efficiently while in the field.

We do still keep an inventory of some devices and accessories to ease installation and minimize return trips.

Simply put, NO we don’t. Professionally we stay away from recommending anything that we’re not confident enough in to sell ourselves. That doesn’t mean that they can’t still be the right option for your or your home or business. We won’t tell you to get brand A over brand B, but we can help you identify if your situation warrants a more robust solution or not based on your needs.