Rise above consumer-grade networking products. With more and more devices connecting to the Internet, networking has become a service that everyone relies on in their daily life. When the network goes down, the kids can’t play their games, the content stops streaming, and the business is virtually cut off from the world.

Why should you consider a business-grade solution for your home?

OvrC Home

OvrC | WattBox

The value of OvrC home cannot be overstated. FORTECH works hard to be available and responsive, but sometimes that’s just not enough. With the use of high quality OvrC enabled equipment we’re able to engineer systems that attempt to repair themselves at the first sign of trouble. If it’s unable to do so you will also have tools to troubleshoot and repair the system instantly from your mobile device. Lastly, A built-in request for help button sends a support email directly to FORTECHs on-call technician.


FORTECH’s network solutions are expertly engineered to deliver best-in-class performance and support a wide variety of networking needs for your home and business. With FORTECH, you’ll get supreme dependability, even in the most demanding environments.


Category and Fiber Optic

We run every cable and every phase. Good planning helps to keep this process as non-invasive as possible, but we’re professionals in retrofit installations too. Your typical installation is through ceilings, walls, and under floors. We’re also equipped for direct burial, conduit, and even aerial applications.


PtP and PtMP Solutions

When your project consists of multiple detached buildings, we have wireless solutions to extend your network long distances. There are even a few benefits over wired solutions such as; non-invasive to the property, quick to deploy, and keeping buildings electrically isolated.

Point-to-Point – back and forth between two points

Point-to-Multi-Point – from one point (house) to multiple points (gate entry, detached garage, and boat dock)


Great for utility and recreation

A single well-placed outdoor wireless access point can provide wi-fi to a dock, backyard, patio, deck, and pool all at the same time due to a lack of obstructions. This can improve performance of mobile devices in areas of weak cellular areas, provide wi-fi for streaming TV, and for controlling your smart outdoor entertainment systems.


We understand that networks can be challenging to navigate. If you have questions about upgrading your network to a more robust solution don’t hesitate to send us a message.



The gateway to the internet. Features to consider are reliability, dual WAN, remotely accessible, Gigabit capable, and compatibility.


High speed switching is key to reliable distribution and built-in PoE abilities further expand the system’s service-ability.


Wireless access points are arguably one of the most important devices in the modern home. We use some of the best available.


Quality patch cables and terminations are often overlooked at insignificant and that couldn’t further from the truth.


Proactive management and automatic recovery attempts helps keep noticeable wired and wi-fi outages to a minimum.


Uninterruptible power supplies keep your network equipment safe through automatic voltage regulation and controlled shutdown.