FORTECH provides complete low voltage wiring service for residential and commercial properties. There are two main Phases:

Rough-in – aka prewire, preconstruction, or new work. Simply put, this is installation of wiring while the walls and ceiling are wide open. This is the best time for wiring for a number of reasons not least of which is the cost savings.

Retrofit – This is wiring in an existing property. Sometimes called Old Work. The interior is complete or mostly complete. We’re experts and routing wires at this phase with little or no damage to interior finishes.



Extremely versatile cable. Responsible for high-speed data which can be used for all sorts of AV and control applications.


A little old school, but as useful as ever. It’s primarily used for antenna and digital audio applications nowadays.


Wireless security is good, but when it comes to low maintenance and reliable performance hard wiring is still the best.

Fiber Optic

The new standard in extreme high-speed data. We have some of the most highly skilled fiber technicians in the industry.


Yes, speaker wiring is still necessary. This is the only way to get the best performance and minimal aesthetic impact.


Short and/or important HDMI runs will still get a factory terminated cable. Long distances we typically recommend using a balun.


Don’t see the wire you think you need? Not sure if we do something. Send us a quick message and we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible.


Wall Plates | Speakers | Plugs

There’s a phase in construction when all the holes need closed up. This is often needed to receive the CO (certificate of occupancy), but is too early to put high value electronics in. We’ll come in and plug security device locations, install wall plates, and either install speakers or speaker blanks to seal the property.


Direct Burial | Aerial | UV Resistant

Outdoor wiring is rarely easy, but we’re good at it. Direct burial is the most common installation method for speakers and data lines outside. For a more robust installation, we install buried conduit and fiber optic lines. When going low isn’t an option we also have the skills necessary for aerial cabling solutions.


Flexible | Rigid | Burial

The value of conduit cannot be overstated. It’s the wiring equivalent to an ounce of prevention. If a wire is damaged for any reason, we can put a new one in with minimal invasion. It can also save thousands should the conduit link be required for future expansion or system upgrades.



Hands down the best way to store a lot of equipment. Active cooling, dust prevention, and locking doors are just a few of the reasons these are the ideal solution. Available in smaller wall mount form factors all the way up to seven-foot-tall rolling racks.


Dedicated media furniture is also a great option for smaller one room systems. Salamander Designs is our go-to option for this as they design their furniture with the same considerations that we use to when choosing equipment racks.


Enclosures can be points of large distribution, edge equipment, or even just needed for their weatherproof characteristics. Choosing the right size and construction is important for things like wireless performance and heat dissipation among others.